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This puppet show has been around for quite a long time. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions.

How long has The Gepetto Files™ been around?​


The Gepetto Files™ has been around since the fall of 1996. We started out at punk rock  basement parties, then moved onto bars, cafes, art shows, small theatres, rock festivals, and film.




Is this an adult puppet show, family show, what the hell is this?​


The show is considered R rated because we often use profanity and deal with adult themes. Our style evolved into what it is today because of the rowdy punk parties and rock bars we first started performing in. It's a kill or be eaten environment for a puppet show. We chose not to be eaten. Although we are rather tame if you compair us to the nightly news on any given day.  We have been doing this style of puppet show far longer than some band wagon jumping chumps out there.




Did you make all these? What are the puppets made out of?​ And how long does it take to make a puppet?

Yes. Each one is individually designed and hand built. They are made out of wood, clay, found objects, old clothes, paint, glue, etc. Believe it or not sometimes a puppet is built practically over night, and other times it takes ten years. The only way I can explain this is it's simply a matter of insperation. It's not just a matter of the hands on building of the puppet but also creation of it's personality, it's life. If that makes sense. There are countless more started, but not yet complete.

How come I have never heard of you until now? And why aren't you famous, rich, or on tv or something?​


Over the years the show has had several amazing close calls but nothing has ever panned out. Our first close call was at the Woodstock 99 concert. We managed to get booked to perform after the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but the fires and riots killed our chance and we were never able to go on. Our biggest reason for not blowing up yet is probably because we don't travel outside of Detroit much, rarely promote, and until recently have mostly concentrated our energy and time on live performance, creating new material and not filming. Timing is everythng, and we are very patient.

How many puppets are there?

Hundreds and hundreds. 

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